It is amazing what a bright day will do for my mood. Yes it IS amazing, because I said so. Stop arguing with me. I am right. Always.

Man, why are you people friends with me?

I need to stop being a girl. Not in an “I’m-going-to-have-an-operation” way, but in an emotional way. I let little things get under my skin, I analyze everything that is said or not said in a relationship, I eat chocolate like it will save me from my own insanity if I eat every. single. piece. in the box, I want to lose weight so that the man that I’m with would rather look at me than some 21 year old who is without a body-image complex on the internet or in the store or the bar…

So I’m not going to be a girl anymore. And if you actually believe that, you will LOVE the fact that I’m doing jumping jacks on my boss’s credenza right now, naked, in front of his humongous window overlooking Jacob’s Field.