It’s happening again…the rage. And I’m thinking it’s best if I don’t talk to people for awhile. Actually, it would probably be a good idea for me to dip my head into a bucket of cement so that I can’t speak or see, and then the weight of my head would be so overwhelming that I would have no choice but to walk around with my head in my ass.

I almost killed myself on the drive in to town by not yielding and consequently seeing my life flash in vignettes through my mind. I thanked God for saving me, only after I cursed the other driver for being awake and mobile at 7:30am. Didn’t he know that I am the only one who is allowed to breathe today? Evidently not. And so I hate him.

My cubicle roomie made the mistake of saying good morning to me, and this is the response she got:


And then, of course, there’s that poor man that has no idea of the wrath that will ensue when he looks at me the wrong way. And by wrong way, I mean any way that he looks at me because there is no right way to look at me for the next few days.

I’m so going to get dumped.

I think I should hide. Don’t try to find me; this is not a fun game.