Great! (I say sarcastically, and nothing like Tony the tiger). Just great.

I burned my tongue on a stupid lean cuisine.

I can’t help but think this is punishment for something I must have said that hurt someone’s feelings or made them cry or drove them to drink a bottle of vodka…straight. I mean, isn’t it enough that I’m eating a lunch filled with things I don’t even enjoy (vegetables, let alone red peppers)? Or that the portion size is a quarter of the amount of food I shoveled in for dinner last night and consequently I am not going to be full when it’s all gone (in 3 bites)?

But now, NOW I can’t even enjoy the little bit of goodness that is present in such a meal (the cheese sauce) because my tongue is burned. And all I can feel now is it throbbing. And the throbbing. Did I mention the throbbing? Oh, just checking.

I have the next four days off from work, and to celebrate, I am going to leave you with this little tidbit of information:
On the way to work this morning I heard on the radio that the fat that is removed from people’s bodies during liposuction is quite possibly going to be part of a study in the near future in which it is shipped to Norway where they are going to attempt to convert it into petroleum.

This is where I envision me sucking out the chunk with a vacuum cleaner and then sticking the hose into my gas tank. Wouldn’t that be efficient?