It’s official. I am sick. The sore throat and ear have now moved higher into my sinus cavity and I am dreading the moment when I can not taste my food anymore…because it’s inevitable…and we all know how much I love to taste my food. I feel like I should buy all the things I love to eat and spread them out in front of me and then ravage every morsel until I am spent. Then my boss can come around the corner and see me lying with my head on my desk, crumbs covering my face and food splattered on my shirt and then he can fire me and I can go home and sleep. Or…OR! I can not do any of that and just imagine how great it would be.

I’m making dinner tomorrow night. I haven’t made dinner in quite some time because, well, I haven’t really had a reason to sit down at a table and eat like a civilized person. Standing at the counter, eating over the sink is much more appealing when you’ve been sitting at a desk/in a car/on a bed for every brutal minute of your day. At this point it is purely artistic the way I can devour a cheese sandwich in less than a minute without letting a crumb fall. You’d surely fall in love with me if you could witness it. It’s sexy.

So yeah, making dinner…

Also? I cleaned out my bedroom closet last night, and was seriously so overwhelmed that I stopped mid-purge and shoved everything back in and closed the doors. I can’t deal with it right now. It’s madness the way a person can collect. I am a collector…not of anything valuable, mind you. Just of stuff. Clothes with the tags still on that I will never wear, cassette tapes that I will never again listen to because I don’t have a cassette player, old letters from people I don’t talk to anymore, shoes that are so hideous that I would report myself to “What Not to Wear” if I ever wore them.

Needless to say, I never got to the portion of the evening where I put up my Christmas tree all by myself. And just so you know, I’m very okay with this. It’s depressing and pathetic to put in a Christmas movie while decorating your apartment just so you can feel like there is someone else in the room. I mean, I’ll totally do it if I have to, but I am seriously considering paying my neighbors to come over and untangle Christmas lights for a couple hours. I just added fifty cents to my piggy bank last night…do you think they’d visit with me for dimes?