Josh was able to make it to Grandma’s this year after a four or five year absence.
As we sat at the table clogging our arteries and marveling at how Uncle Jeff just ate a half stick of butter on two rolls, Natty asked him,
“Hey, Uncle Jeff, remember when you and Grandma were going to repaint this room and you sponge painted one corner and stopped?” We all looked to the corner…which was still covered in light-colored paint that had been sponged on…three years ago.

” Yeah, we’re still deciding.”

Exit corn from Josh’s nose. Really.

Here he is with the Lainey Bug…

I love this little girl…

And, well, here is me with a bunch of short, skinny people. I love them so much (Sorry we missed you in this one, Kim!).

I hope your day was as wonderful as mine.