3 hours of sleep. hjghsdgkjrhohg.

I’m actually doing okay, thanks to The Boss’s kids scoring candy en masse. I will live each moment of the work day on a sugar high. Poor kids…I feel bad that they won’t get to experience the awesomeness that is consuming candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner the entire week of halloween. But I can’t get too down in the dumps for them because I’m doing the grapevine and spinning down into the splits right now in front of The Boss’s big picture window while simultaneously sucking on a Sugar Daddy. He mistook me for Usher this morning, you know, on account of my sweet dancing skills.

Once I come down off this trip, I’ll deal with the consequences of my I-think-I’m-above-sleeping actions. But for now, I’m reeling in the caramel-y goo.

Also, I just want to say, if you haven’t had the fortunate experience of kissing someone lately…I highly recommend it. Highly. It’s right up there with my next dance number, “Beyonce’s Got Nothin’ On Me”. You so wish you could see this. I’m about to get a raise, I think.