You are the person I see when I look at my reflection. I have so many pieces of me that come from you, and regardless of how I joke…I am proud.

Your eyes are gentle and knowing, able to see things beyond what is in front of them. They sparkle when you laugh and sometimes I think I see your entire happiness, sorrow, fear, hope and faith in them all at the same time. It makes them very green.

Your ears hear opposite ends of a spectrum that is larger than any I would ever wish for. At one end you hear the secrets of souls that are imprinted on your hands, and at the other, you hear the music in a baby’s heartbeat. And even if not at first, eventually, you listen.

You are tall…unable to hide from the world because you are a presence in it…and you are brave in it. I’ve never seen you hide or run in fear.

Your hands are my favorite part of us. They guide and instruct, they love and console. They’ve shown me how to hold on and how to let go.

I wonder if on the day you were born, your parents pondered over these pieces of you that came from the pieces of them. I hope that someday I can pass on these pieces of you to another life…but for now…I am learning how to do them justice.

I love you.