Is it easy for me to say that it doesn’t matter what race Jesus was because I am white? It it easy because most depictions of him are of a light skinned male with brown wavy hair? In my head, I know that it is a historical fact that he was born and lived in the East…where people are dark-skinned, and their hair may or may not be curly and coarse. I have never imagined Jesus to be a fair-skinned, blonde, and yet I have never imagined him to be black either.

This article caught my eye on MSN today, and it got me thinking.

Why is the race of Jesus important? Isn’t it more important that he was human? Isn’t that the point? But then I wonder if it would be that simple for me if I looked SO different from the way the majority of the world sees him. I mean, as it stands, my complexion is more olive than fair, I have dark wavy hair and European features. Of course I don’t have an issue with the way that Jesus is portrayed.

I guess the problem that I have with the article, or the movie that is being made, is that it isn’t being based on fact. Jesus isn’t portrayed as an African because he wasn’t African. Jesus isn’t portrayed as Japanese because he wasn’t Japanese. He SHOULDN’T be portrayed as blonde and fair skinned because you would be hard-pressed to find a Middle Eastern person who looked like that.

Why can’t we just let him be who he was and be content with the fact that he was a human being who came to this world to save us from our humanity?

Maybe it’s easier for me to be exhausted with the subject of race because I don’t know what it’s like to be anything but what I was made to be. But this is my point. We are what God made us. We are no better or worse than the people we meet on the street everyday, regardless of our skin, or our hair or our eyes. We are people. We are made in God’s image and likeness because we are people. Jesus was a person. Why isn’t that enough?