Chunk found a way to spread over my entire body in ways I never thought possible, and after watching so many episodes of my new favorite show (in case you haven’t been reading…SHAME ON YOU…it’s Grey’s Anatomy) I am inspired to lose said Chunk and transform my body into an exact replica of Meredith Grey’s.

Believe it or not…I exercised.

I worked out for the first time in months (about 6 months, actually).

I bought a new Tae Bo DVD…and Billy Blanks SHAKES HIS ASS on it! I started off doing the anticipated moves (punch, kick, knee lift combinations), and then he just started dancing…doing isolation dance moves that I’ve been instructed to do in countless dance classes, and I was so excited! I mean, I could have done without the Billy in spandex moving his hips from side to side, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to relive the pelvic thrusting. But I must say, I was laughing, and I was moving my body for once (more than the amount of movement it takes to walk to the bathroom and back). So it must be a good thing.

And when I am a line, maybe I’ll get my own TV show…”Nik’s Soliloquy”. I will be a line while performing random monologues reflecting on my internal musings. Kind of like this blog except on TV. Seriously, when you’re a line, they let you do anything.

P.S. It’s my mom and dad’s anniversary today…32 years…Happy Anniversary Guys! Thanks for marrying Dad, Mom. I know he was hairy and persistent and kind of wild and you took a huge chance there with that one. Thank God it worked out and now you have three hairy, persistent, wild kids. Awesome. I love you!