I am so mad at Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 right now. I’m only on the second disk, but it has already made me cry on every single episode, pissed me off because I hate McDreamy’s wife, and just all around made me want to jump into the television and start hugging people. Regardless of the emotional rollercoaster…I never want it to end.

And…I just want to say that Meredith seems to have amazing luck in Joe’s bar. I mean, I go to bars and nothing happens. I meet guys with “L-O-V-E” and “H-A-T-E” tattooed on their knuckles (seriously). An encounter with a McDreamy-like character is highly unlikely, and I would like to pull the writer’s aside right now to inform them that it is cruel to write storylines that are practically impossible to duplicate in real life. I mean, don’t set me up to fail, man!

I’d like this opportunity to take a poll. I would like your opinions on chocolate brown bridesmaid’s dresses. Please feel free to give your opinion regardless of your sex, as it seems that men now care about such things. I’m only curious as to how people really feel about this color. It is a staple in my wardrobe, however, I was informed this weekend that this color looks like someone wiped their ass and then decided to walk around wearing it.