Today is the best day I have had in quite some time. I feel like I was reborn or something, like I’ve been living in a dream and I just woke up. I feel refreshed. I wish you could feel it because it’s very tasty, like sugar cookies dripping with icing and a nice tall glass of milk.

So I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but since we are on the topic of food, I think it is perfectly acceptable. I eat baby food. I love the desserts…Hawaiian Delight is my absolute favorite. Gerber is now packaging their baby foods in little plastic containers instead of the glass jars that used to line grocery store shelves. I am excited about this because now I can wash them out and put things in them, like laundry quarters, hair bands or buttons. Not that I couldn’t do this with the glass jars, but now, NOW, I can whip these little suckers across the room if I feel like it without watching glass shatter…or putting a hole in the wall because those little jars were heavy! Not that I’ve ever done that, but you know, if I wanted to.