Still don’t have one.

HOWEVER…I scored a free entertainment center from my aunt and uncle and it’s tres excellent.

It’s Monday. I’m not very chatty. Only have one thing to say…


P.S. Okay, one more thing to say…I almost got killed this morning by the crazy bus driver. I escaped 2 blocks before my stop and had to walk, but I didn’t care because I was seriously afraid for my life. People think I’m a crazy driver, but this guy was out of control. People would request to get off the bus, and he would IGNORE THEM AND KEEP DRIVING! Like, “bwahaha…I will keep you on this bus forever and you will love it!”

Crazy people.

AND…some drunk guy was puking his guts out at one of the stops and I was praying inbetween dry heaves that he wouldn’t get on the bus because if I had to smell him I. would. die.

I’m not even joking.