I wore my winter coat today. It’s only going to reach about 68 degrees, and I was freezing yesterday, so I thought I would do something about it . But how ridiculous do I feel wearing my winter coat? Not very, actually.

I almost missed my second bus yesterday, and I had to run a block screaming, “hold the bus! Hold the bus!” like I was in some action movie. I know that on the average day I believe that movies hold truth in the real world, but this was not something I thought I would ever be doing. I also realized that I am extremely out of shape, because one block of speed walking makes me winded (yesterday’s running almost sent me into a fit of ‘I can’t breathe, someone hook me up to some oxygen’). On the bright side, I spent the last leg of my trip home in a cushy seat sleeping while someone else drove me through rush hour traffic. Of course, I had no choice in the matter because the man sitting next to me had no concept of the phrase, “Quitting Time” and proceeded to unfold his binder full of reading material and highlight every other sentence. Every time I looked anywhere but out the window, my eyes caught a glimpse of the Xeroxed motion sickness-inducing pages and I felt the urge to puke on his neatly outlined array of neon yellow. To top it off, he had a binder, 40 folders (maybe 43), a highlighter, a pen, and a little lap desk thingy. If I see him again today, I’m going to suggest that he search EBay for a Trapper Keeper, because I think one might come in handy for all his stuff and the picture on the front will give me something more interesting to look at.

Things I witnessed on the bus ride this morning:

4 homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk on Superior Avenue while a pedestrian actually stepped over one of them.

1 fight at the bus stop (luckily, I was on the bus and only had to hear the two men screaming at each other).

1 single mother trying to pick up a baby-daddy for her children. It was the bus driver.

You guys are so lucky because without this public transportation situation, I would not have any interesting stories right now. And maybe you don’t find these stories so interesting, but you don’t know what you’re talking about because they are. So there.

And another thing…