The local radio station’s morning show is staffed with people who think they are funny. Sometimes I laugh at their jokes, but more often than not, I wonder where the line between humor and meanness is drawn.

A few weeks ago, the host marveled (and by “marveled”, I mean “laughed” – hysterically-with copious amounts of snorting) at a website he had stumbled upon that boasted its success in matching civilians to inmates. Matching…as in “matchmaking”. Here I thought the man of my dreams might be waiting for me on the internet, and now I come to find that bliss can be all mine with one quick drive down to the federal prison.

I, too, saw the absurdity in this scenario. I mean, I don’t care how bad things get! I don’t particularly care for a man in an orange jumpsuit. It’s just not attractive.

My point to all of this, and the reason it is not funny is that a lonely someone was listening to the morning show on this day, and decided that he wanted a “wanted” woman. Yesterday, he called into the radio show to thank the crew for leading him to “the love of [his] life”…and they laughed at him. The poor guy even mailed them a picture of them, and told them he would send an updated one as soon as they got it back from Walmart! The crew played it off like they weren’t laughing at him, but merely laughing out of the joy in their hearts for the idea of two lost souls finding love…but I know they were laughing at his expense…

…because the asshole in me was laughing with them.