Dear Lynn,

You were right. I can’t do it.

Feeling Weak,

I want to be proactive in my writing pursuits, but life without the blog only hinders me. A million things happen during the course of my day (ok, not a million, but a lot) and I think to myself, “Oh my God, I need to tell them this”. And it is just that. A need. It overwhelms me. I feel like it is my duty to narrate the oddities that are splattered out at my feet with each new day.

It hasn’t even been a week.

My friend, Jelly, said to me last night regarding TVFH, “You can’t just break up with me like this!” and that is exactly what I felt like. I cried on Monday when I wrote “Finale”. I hadn’t realized how attached I was to this.

And so, I’m sorry for being so fickle. But I never claimed to be anything else. You should know me by now.

So I have some things to tell you…