Yesterday a butterfly crossed E 93rd with me. It waited for the light to change, the sign to flash “WALK” and then it flitted by as I walked. When it reached the other side, it turned left and continued its journey down the other side of the street.

Later in the afternoon, I found myself walking down E 93rd again, and a butterfly flew out from the tree to my left and fluttered away. I was mesmerized by it. I hadn’t seen a butterfly all summer, and then in one day, I was blessed with two.

But that’s not all.

Today the planes are practicing for the annual airshow, so I went into my boss’s office to look out his humongous window to watch the formations of the planes as they flew. Just as I was about to turn away, a butterfly flew past the window.

About an hour later, the planes were warmed up and putting on a real show, so I went to the roof to get a private viewing. I leaned over the edge of the building to look down at the city from 7 stories up, and a butterfly flew past my face! I had to catch my breath, for I can’t help but feel like someone is trying to send me a message.

And I know you will think I’m crazy, but I feel like it is the same butterfly each time.