When I was a little girl, my mom frequently reprimanded me for using too much toilet paper. She would say, “Niki, you only need 3 squares…you’re not that big!” Ok, well, I didn’t want to use 3 squares because I didn’t want to risk anything getting on my hands. So I used half the roll instead, and usually clogged the toilet. This became a habit and stuck…I’m still doing it at 28 years old. And I am that big.

When I lived with my parents a year and a half ago, she would complain that she was always buying toilet paper …because of me. So I started buying my own, and I came to realize that, yes, I do go through toilet paper rather quickly…especially for someone who is chronically constipated.

Now that I live on my own, and I’m trying to save money, I look for coupons for things that I already buy. (Sidenote: Sometimes I really have the urge to cut out all the coupons for the things it would be nice to buy, and then realize that I’m wasting money because I never would have bought it had I not had the coupon…like swiffer refills…I don’t even have a swiffer.) Usually, I don’t have much luck in the coupon department. However, I believe God was trying to tell me something about toilet paper last week…

I had seen the commercial for that new toilet paper for kids that has the dog and the paws leading up to the dog, and when you get to the dog that’s how you know you have enough toilet paper. I thought to myself, “I wish I would have had that when I was a kid! That is such a great idea!” So the next time I went to the grocery store, I had forgotten about the commercial, but I was in the toilet paper aisle, and there was a coupon machine in front of the TP. So of course I grabbed one and decided that I would buy whatever type of toilet paper this coupon was for. Wouldn’t you know, it was the doggy toilet paper! I was so excited! So I bought it, and I’m currently using it, and it has really helped me to use the appropriate amount of toilet paper.

The End.