This morning I saw a man in a business suit walking to work carrying a purse. It wasn’t a “man bag” or a briefcase…it was an embroidered bohemian-looking purse. Now I realize that some men prefer to dress on the feminine side, and I do have gay friends, but for whatever reason it was odd to me that he was wearing a suit and tie…and he had little red roses embroidered on his bag. It was a very cute bag, actually, and if I had been walking instead of riding the bus, I would have tried to get him to trade with me.

My neighbor across the hall brought her baby over the other day. I kicked her out shortly after she arrived because she’s skinnier than me now and she just had the baby six weeks ago. I realize I may be acting a little harsh, but I’ll let her come over again after MY uterus shrinks.

I finally finished watching all of the Sex & the City episodes. Can I tell you how much I want more? SO MUCH! The last episode was so funny and sad and sweet that I overdosed on emotions and went to bed completely exhausted. Also, if I was a dater, I would want a man like Big. I love how he and Carrie laugh at everything stupid and they don’t even care. I also love how she tripped him last night, and he laughed when he hit the floor. Laugh laugh laughitty laugh. Yeah, that’s what I would want….someone who knows how to make me laugh. Definitely, definitely a funnyman. Not just a “hehe” or a “ha!” but a tears rolling down my face, stomach hurting, can’t breathe or stay in my chair, laugh.

And? Samantha’s boyfriend Smith is hot.

Whatever…I know that I’m way behind and that everyone has already been through the Sex & the City phase, but it’s new to me. Just let me have my moment.

Okay, my moment is over.

Now I need to go interact with real people.