My desktop is a splash of pixels that remind me of something I miss. It’s really just your standard Windows XP background, but Microsoft has named it “Bliss”, and I don’t know if they realize how accurate they were when the idea sprouted and grew limbs. I stare at the place where the green field meets the blue sky in between emails that I flag for follow-up because I don’t feel like doing it right now. I wonder if that is a creek to swim in or path to walk on, and I think that I would gladly jump into the flat-screen monitor to do either if this was a modern day Mary Poppins movie. Glancing at this image makes my heart ache for what used to be, before the moving, and the good byes and the growing up. The creek or the path, remind me of Djedo’s road and what might have been if he still lived on the other end of it, and if I were still too young to walk in the real road. The field makes me want to ride across it on horseback, swallowing gulps of wind so I don’t have to exhale, letting it go. I can smell the grass and feel the dirt; it’s intoxicating the way it leaves stains on my memory. A background like this is just that. My background…I wonder what will be cut and pasted on top?