Maybe it was too much…the circles, the to and the fro. Maybe the food was bad and the company was worse. Maybe he was dealing with issues I knew nothing about.

All I can tell you is I walked into my apartment when I got home last night, turned to say hello, and he was gone. Missing. When I left that morning, he had been swimming happily-nibbling at his food, even. But when I got home, there was an empty glass bowl filled with water…and no Bits.

I thought maybe someone had been in my apartment, my imagination shifting into overdrive. I slowly crept across the living room towards the bedroom, slamming doors against walls in case a rapist was hiding behind them. I mean, this is something you see in the movies – a weirdo psychopath stealing someone’s fish so you know things aren’t as you left them and SOMEONE HAS BEEN IN YOUR HOUSE! I walked into the bathroom, tip toeing, ripped back the shower curtain in one swift movement…no one there. Then I laughed at the absurdity of it. A fish doesn’t just VANISH! C’MON!

It dawned on me then, that fish can jump, and sometimes do. I moved the piano out from against the wall (Bits lived on top of the piano), and lo and behold…there he was laying lifeless on the carpet. My fish committed suicide, and I had no idea things were so bad for him.

My friends told me I was being unfair because I made him live in a candle holder and Kibbles gets to live in a real fish bowl. But I was certain that Bits liked his home. I guess this was his way of telling me to suck it.