Do you guys remember that little ditty? Anyway…

The weekends are never long enough.

Miss & Zoki were in town this weekend, so we met up Friday night for a few drinks at a bar that was more like a Hillbilly Conference for women with no boundaries and men with tunnel vision. People were dropping it like it was hot and saving horses, riding cowboys all in the same place…I was mesmerized.

The BIG NEWS that I wanted to share is that there are two new additions to my family. And, because I am a terrible person and a failure as a pet owner, I did not take pictures to share with you. But I will…later. Anyway, I now have two fish. Kibbles & Bits (Bits is blue…that’s how I tell them apart cause they’re twins. Yes they are, I said so.)

And, finally, I made a decision about what direction I wanted to go with my job…I actually made a decision…did you hear me?? I MADE A DECISION! And so, I am currently a temporary employee, hoping to be permanent by the end of the summer. I took a chance because if I get this it will be more profitable than if I would have taken the permanent position I was considering. I’m a risk-taker, Friends, and I hope it pays off so I can give Bits and Kibbles the life they deserve….a bowl with colored rocks instead of gravel I scooped up off of the parking lot.

I still don’t have one.

I hope you all have a FUN and SAFE July 4th!!