It’s startling when life decisions are balanced on a ringing telephone.

Have you ever walked across a beam, balanced between two posts, while someone stood beneath you, shaking the wood? Try doing this while attempting to carry your future with one hand tied behind your back, and using only the palm of the other. If you attempt to use your fingers, they will be cut off.

If I were a trapeze performer, I would want to be the one who gets thrown from one swing to the next. The guy who gets to stay on one swing would laugh because if he let go, I would have no choice but to fall; to fail. What he would have neglected to realize is that because I am suspended in the air, I have no choice but to land…and when I do, the crowd will cheer.

When you’re up, there is no where else to go but down, and when you’re down, there is always a ladder to climb if you look for one. But when you choose to always remain where you are; the crowd cheers for someone else.

I’m ready to be startled.