Hi you guys! I missed you, don’t you know it? It’s been one crazy week/weekend. I’m all moved into my new place, and I wake up every morning asking Chunk, “Hey Buddy! Do we really live here?!” He answers with a little jiggle and shake, and we’re on with our day.

Speaking of the days lately…they’ve been really great. It’s like I walked into a charmed life. Well…charmed compared to how things have been for me lately. I have a new place, I have a fun altar boy to play frisbee with in the park, and now…are you ready for this? I have a new job! It’s like God woke up one morning and decided that I needed a makeover. Unfortunately, He didn’t bestow a magical liposuction upon me…but beggars can’t be losers (sorry. puns aren’t funny, I know.).

So Neighbor Bob is the depressed one now. No, really, he is. I was there Saturday afternoon cleaning and loading last minute things into Mr. Darcy. NB was digging a hole to China in the backyard, and when he realized that he wasn’t halfway there yet, he turned to me and said, “Nikol! Are you leaving me?” Let’s take a minute and let this question reverberate in your mind, shall we? …

So I answered, “Yeah, I’m moving Bob. You know, bigger place…”

“oh, well, I’m gonna miss ya.”


How could I possibly tell him that I would rather live in that hole he was digging in the back yard than live in the apartment above him for another day?