This weekend I faced some things about myself.

1. I am wider.
I tried on some summer clothes because the heat was swallowing me up in it’s humid embrace and I was choking on the thickness of the air. I couldn’t even get my shorts up to the top of my thighs. I cried a little bit.

2. When intoxicated, I talk. A lot. To everyone. About nothing. And everything.
I am sure that if I was sober and heard myself saying the things that I say when I’m drunk, I would be embarrassed for myself. But since I’m not sober, I just keep talking. Thankfully, I only remember about half of the things I say. The only downside is the guy I was with probably remembers 100% of what I said, and he’s probably wondering why he’s still hanging out with me. I’d like to take the opportunity right now to tell him that he’s still hanging out with me because I’m free entertainment. It’s certainly not because I look good in my daisy dukes because I CAN’T GET THEM ON!

3. I’m having fun. As much as I don’t want to admit that I am laughing and dancing and talking with someone six years younger than me…I have to. Because I LIKE that I’m laughing and dancing and talking. I’m amazed that there is a nice guy out there who gets that religion, family and culture are the most important things in my life and doesn’t hold them against me. But even more than that, I like that there are no expectations and no pressure. Granted, I have to remind myself…often…that the liklihood of this friendship going further is about the same as the liklihood of me pooping in the next 24 hours, but I don’t care. I’m just going with it. I also find much enjoyment in thinking about what people are saying about it…the priest’s daughter and the altar boy…SCANDALOUS!