For the past week or so, on my way to work I have driven down a road that is parallel to an apartment complex. This complex has a pond. Consequently, I found myself maneuvering Mr. Darcy to dodge a mommy goose and her little babies that had decided to waddle their morning exercise routine directly across this busy road. The first day this happened, it was a very close call because most mornings, and this morning especially, I was still half asleep. I barely missed this little family, and then immediately felt my whole body flush with relief as I broke into a sweat, exhaling loudly because indeed, they were safe. How awful and so much like a homicidal family killer would I feel if I squashed them!

On another day I ventured to the mall, and as I was leaving, Momma sans babies appeared out of nowhere, and again, barely escaped Mr. Darcy’s tires. I watched the car behind me in my rearview mirror attempting to warn him through mental telepathy that “Mother Goose is in the road and won’t you please pay attention and slow down?”

It worked. She escaped once again.

But as I was driving down the road yesterday, on Mother’s Day, in the rain, I noticed something in the middle of the road up ahead. And as I swerved to miss it, I saw what I had been fearing all week. The momma goose had been hit and was splattered and smeared on the asphalt.

It’s still raining.