Actually, I just wanted to give an explanation for my comment thingy (yes, thingy is a legitimate word, and I’m using it so shut up). I still have all the comments from previous posts, they are only hidden so that readers are forced to use the new comment option that I installed. I’m trying this out for a few reasons:

1. I’m tired of people leaving anonymous comments. Their parents have given them perfectly good names, and I wish to call them by these names when I respond to their ignorance by publically humiliating them on the internet.

2. I hate spam. I hate those stupid Word Verification prompts more.

3. I want your email address so I can write you back if the spirit so moves me.

If this turns out to be a huge mistake, I will revert back to how it was before when I hated it. But for now, please humor me. Please? I really love it when y’all talk to me. Well, most of you.