Yesterday when I was driving home, I saw a squirrel carrying a cob of corn in it’s mouth walking down someone’s driveway. It got me thinking…how fun would it be to just walk around climbing trees, crashing human picnics to steal their corn, and dropping acorns on the ground all day? It reminds me of Disney’s “The Sword and The Stone” when Merlin turns them into squirrels, and then the fat lady squirrel falls in love with him. I wonder if she’s fat because she ate too much corn on the cob? I wonder if the kernels come out whole in squirrel poop like it does in ours, and if it does, I wonder if it hurts them because, well, they’re a lot smaller than us.

Last night on the news they talked about two squirrels whose tails were stuck together at birth, and the one squirrel would drag the other squirrel around all the time, so they had to have surgery to separate them. It was like they were siamese squirrels.

And then I thought about how squirrels aren’t always as cute as they seem. Like in Christmas Vacation when the squirrel is hanging out in the Griswald family christmas tree…and then has everyone running around, screaming. I’d like to think that I would be calm if a squirrel was in my christmas tree, but no, probably not.