So for three days in a row now, the word of the day has sucked! If this was Pee Wee’s Playhouse, no one would ever be yelling, “AAAAAHHHHH” because no one EVER uses these words. I mean, I really want to try because I’m working on expanding my vocabulary past “totally” and “seriously”, but when am I ever going to say “dipsy doodle”?? If, in fact, I utter those words in your presence, you have my permission to knock me out with a bocce ball stick.

dipsy doodle (DIP-see DOOD-l) noun

1. The zig-zag motion of a ball in baseball or of a player in football.

2. An act performed to evade or distract.

sticky wicket (STIK-ee WIK-it) noun

A difficult, awkward or uncertain situation.

[From cricket, when the ground is partly wet, resulting in the ball bouncing unpredictably.]

hat trick (hat trik) noun

Three successes in a game or another endeavor. For example,
taking three wickets with three successive deliveries by
a bowler in a game of cricket, three goals or points won
by a player in a game of soccer or ice hockey, etc.

Moving On…

The Truck

I received some WONDERFUL suggestions for a name for the beauty. And I have come to a decision. From this day forward, he will be referred to as “Mr. Darcy” in honor of Pride & Prejudice…and the fact that I am a pessimist and fear that my Mr. Darcy will never come. I have been swept off my feet by my truck. It’s a sad, sad world, Folks. Regardless, I think it suits him. (Thanks, JenJen. Since you are the winner, I will take you for a drive in Mr. Darcy…we can go around in circles in the parking lot.)

So I wanted to introduce you all to the new addition to my family. Remember this story? Well, my entire circle of family and friends knows this story as well, and it is a running joke (even though I’m quite serious about having brown babies) that I never got my brown baby. Kelly and her husband were so sad for me that on my birthday (their wedding), they presented me with her:

The bridesmaids helped me name her. This is my baby, Moniqua. She is very talented, and like her mother, somewhat of a lush. I’m hoping that someone will send me pictures from the weekend. She was caught drinking champagne and then breakdancing on the dance floor. She’s quite the little social butterfly. Right now she’s out with Mr. Darcy smoking a bowl.