As I sit here with my eyelids propped open with paper clips and a caffeinated beverage attached to my lips with a straw, I remember now why I stopped going out in the middle of the week. Having a few drinks with a friend from out of town turned into a night of drinking and dancing and not getting to sleep until 5am. I hate him so much right now I would personally drive him back to NY in exchange for some strong medication to knock my ass out for about 3 days. I have to admit, though, we had a good time shaking our asses and being stupid. But seriously, this is Cleveland. We only party until about midnight on a wednesday night. And by ‘we’, I mean me.

We spent the night drinking and watching a couple Cavs dancers have a dance-off, drinking, break dancing (well, HE was–I was drinking), peeing, drinking, peeing, peeing, seeing who could get the bartenders’ attention first when showing some cleavage (we tied), and more drinking. I woke up at 7 trying to figure out if I was dreaming that it was time to get up or if it really was time to get up. I determined that I must be dreaming, and fell back to sleep…needless to say I was late for work. Because I picked up random clothes off my floor and put them on, brushed my teeth, thought about brushing my hair, and then ran out the door…I am beautiful today:

The grey under my eyes is smudged makeup leftover from last night’s face. It makes my face today look even hotter, don’t you think? Whatever, you know you want to run your fingers through this hair.