I go to CVS and the woman that works there is standing behind the counter doing nothing while the other woman that works there is doing all the work. Then a customer goes up to the doing nothing woman and asks her to unlock the fragrance counter. She takes the keys to the counter off the hook and tells the customer she’s getting ready to go home. She then pages another employee from the back of the store to walk all the way to the front of the store to get the keys from the palm of her pudgy hand to unlock the fragrance counter for the bewildered customer.

As I stand in line witnessing this, there is a customer in front of me and two customers behind me. The woman doing all the work is ringing up the customer in front of me. Woman doing nothing is still standing there watching. She has a counter full of items that I can only assume are waiting to be paid for so Lazy Daisy can go home. When customer in front of me leaves, I think it is now my turn to purchase my 2 items I came to CVS to buy. Silly me. LD steps up to woman doing all the work and tells her, “Ring me up. I want to go home.” I look at her like I hate her, because, well, God forgive me, but I DO in fact hate her. She finally leaves and I allow myself to exhale and continue breathing normally.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the customer behind me. She is slowly creeping up to my side and I wonder what the hell she is doing. I think maybe she is trying to get a candy bar from the counter, or maybe she’s reading one of the many magazines about Brangelina or Brit. No…she is just getting closer to me FOR NO REASON. I put my items on the counter, and as the woman doing all the work is ringing me up, this Space Invader puts HER items on the counter, takes her money out of her pocket and proceeds to PUSH it up to the woman doing all the work! AND…her arm is TOUCHING MY ARM! She’s acting like it’s her turn or something, and I just want to look at her and scream, “SINGLE FILE, PLEASE!” But instead I take one step to the right so she thinks I’m going to step on her which forces her to move over. Then when the woman doing all the work hands me my change, I drop one coin at a time into my wallet, and then one bill at a time just to piss her off, because she was obviously in a hurry. That’s the only reason I can think of for someone to do something like this to another person while waiting in line at the drugstore. And I hated her too.

I’m going to hell.