I break them, rules. I break ’em. Sometimes rules just don’t apply to me. Especially the ones that I don’t care about. Like the “don’t lick the salt off your fingers and then stick your hand back in the bag of chips” rule. I don’t care about that rule.

I was thinking about the rules of dating today…or maybe just the rules of being single, and I don’t think I really care about those rules either. Like if you go out on a first date with a person, does that mean you are “dating”? I mean, for some people…that’s the rule. But not for me. I’m not dating a person until I say I’m dating that person and no one else. And if I’m not dating a person, I may be talking to like 5 other persons while I’m talking to that person. Because that whole “talk to one person at a time” rule doesn’t apply to me. Seriously, I talk to alot of people. And if I hang out with someone I’m talking to…oh yeah, I will totally hang out with someone else the next night. You wanna know why? Cause I’m a crazy rule breaker.

I’m only bringing this up because there are many different ways that people look at rules, and I just think that I like the way I get to pick and choose my rules. I mean, the way I see it is there are certain rules that I MUST follow for my own peace of mind. There are 573, 000 rules I have to follow according to the religion that I choose to be. So I choose to follow those even though that means I don’t get to eat meat on alot of days. And then there are rules that I choose to follow because when my mom and dad were programming me they put in a “manner chip” and so I follow those rules too, although sometimes there is a glitch in the server and I need to reboot.

But when it comes to guys, maybe I follow a different set of rules because in at least one area of my life, I would like to control what it is I can and cannot do. And I really wish that the men that I come into contact with understood my rebelliousness. For instance, Kentucky thought that because we were “dating”, that meant that there was a contract written in imaginary ink somewhere that stated we had to be married. Cowboy thought that because we were “dating”, there was a contract written in invisible ink somewhere that stated that we had to be married, and I had to be okay with his mistresses. Ex-husband thought that the contract written in ACTUAL ink meant that we were just “dating”. And then there have been several guys inbetween who don’t understand that just because we talk, doesn’t mean we are in a relationship. It means we’re talking.

I will make a confession on the World Wide Web. I’ve tried online dating. And ya know what? Those guys think we’re dating even when I don’t respond to their emails. They think it’s dating just when they browse your profile.

Guess what? I don’t have a point to this post. I just wanted to say that I follow enough rules in my life, so I don’t want to follow any “single girl” rules that someone made up because they wanted things to go their way. Things go all kinds of ways when it comes to dating, with or without parameters. Just let it flow, ya know?

Having said all that…I am “talking” to people again. This is a warning: I don’t follow the rules. And I’m a double-dipping, soup-slurping, step-on-the-crack-break-your-mom’s back cookie.