So I’ve decided that I am not going to date anymore…again. This idea excites me. The world is at my feet…I will try not to step in any dog shit.

On another note, I signed my first “autograph” for this blog this weekend. My head is so small right now, and by small I mean the size of a hot air balloon and it’s floating away. Good-byyyyyyyyyyyeee!

Katie K came over Friday to watch a movie and eat dinner with me, and do you guys want to know how awesome I am at hostessing? I got through dinner, started the movie, and fell asleep like fifteen minutes into it! I’m so fun. Everyone is going to want to come over so they can watch me drool on my pillow.

So I’ve been thinking alot about buying a house, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I could save alot more money alot faster if I lived with my parents. The only problem with my plan is they don’t want me back. And then yesterday I went to the movies with Nan and we watched my husband in that movie “Failure to Launch” where he still lives with his parents when he’s 35, and I thought, “that doesn’t look so bad.” Mom? Dad? What d’you say? We were good roomies, right? It will be good practice for when I die and have my body buried right inbetween you guys.

The funny thing is I want to buy a house right down the street from them. Bwa ha ha! There is no escape!

Seriously. I don’t have attachment issues. I just like my parents alot better than Neighbor Bob is all.