I know that I am not always “right”. In fact, more often than not, I am mistaken. But I also know that the things that are right in my life…are the important things to me. I wonder sometimes if I will spend my life alone. How can another person be with me if we can’t agree on the important things? And how can I even think of giving these things up if they help define who I am? I wouldn’t be the woman that another person fell in love with without them. And yet I wonder, how much “difference” can one person take? I know one man who couldn’t take it…it was too much…so he walked. And if men continued to walk for the rest of my life…I wouldn’t blame them. I know how much patience and understanding it takes to be with me, and I would not hold it against them if they just had to leave. Afterall, I forgave him…I could certainly forgive them. But I don’t want to go through eight years again.

So I really encourage people to be honest with themselves (and me) right away…and if there is a twinge of doubt as to whether or not my “right” is too worong for them…I would rather be devastated now rather than a year from now…or eight. And I wouldn’t be angry because I know that I come with alot. And I am prepared for the possibility that I may be alone because of these things that come with me. And it’s ok.

I know this post is out of the ordinary for me (and probably really boring and confusing for you)…but get over it! It’s my blog! Just kidding, I love you, don’t stop reading!

Allow me to lighten the mood. Some crazy woman just tap danced past my cubicle (I love you, Mom). Seriously…she did. And I laugh every time…especially when she pirrouettes and falls into the wall.