…Matthew McConagjhriuy is going to marry me. I’m serious. My friend, Brandon, plays keyboards and sings background vocals for Gretchen Wilson. They performed on Regis & Kelly this morning, and Matty was a guest on the show this morning too! See? Just a few more baby steps and the deal will be sealed. I asked B if he met him, and he said, “yeah, he says you guys have been together for awhile now.” See? It’s true! (Brandon, you better not be lying or I will tell Gretchen to put ex-lax in your ketchup…just kidding, you’re great).

Whatever. Back to reality. So here’s another pic from my non-famous life. This one is also from Saturday night with our friend Erin.

Also, I want to make it clear that I still like Kentucky. Kentucky? I still do. Don’t be jealous of Matty…he can’t help it that he is infatuated with me. Just ignore him when he calls me Babysugarlump.