1. wash my dishes
2. clean my apartment
3. unpack from the weekend in KY
4. stay awake past 7:30pm
5. write my piece for my writers’ workshop tonight


1. Watch Friends DVD’s
2. Eat Mac & Cheese (my boycott is over)
3. Lay on the floor in a pile of blankets while the room continued to spin.
4. Wonder if it was possible to have a concussion forever…and if so…do you think the gang would go back to making “Friends” so I would have more DVD’s to watch when I was finished watching season 10?

I find myself thinking about a lot of things and questioning a lot of choices I’ve made and wondering about what direction I’m headed in, and if it’s the right one. It’s like the confusion started last week, and then I hit my head and now it’s crystal clear that things are cloudy. So until I figure it all out, I just want to pretend I’m friends with Chandler Bing.