So I’ve been running since last week, trying to pave the road to supermodel-dom. Ok, that was extreme…just trying to lose Chunk because he’s really starting to cut into my I-Want-To-Be-Pretty-For-Kentucky time. He’s out to sabatoge me, and every time I eat another girl scout cookie, he laughs at me, bouncing up and down like he’s on a damn trampoline or something. I swear if he starts doing flips I will pray to God that he falls off and lands on his head. Anyway…

So I’ve been running. Well last week was exceptionally warm for winter here in Cleveland, and it was perfect “outside” weather. So of course, I was pumped. I brought my workout clothes to work every day so I could change and then run through the endless subdivisions behind the building I play, I mean work, in. It was great…I was fired up. But YESTERDAY….

It was slushy out there…and windy and cold and snowy. I trudged through the streets and then..I got to the end of the street, looking for the crosswalk to the next street, and there was a snow drift in my way. I had no choice but to walk through it. So I ran the rest of my way with wet feet and my hair blowing in my mouth(catching on my uvula causing me to gag) and my eyes,whipping me in the face. If I would have had a blade of some sort, I would have scalped myself.

So today I will drag my fat ass out into the elements once again. Maybe I need a mantra of some sort…”Chunk no more, Chunk no more” or “let’s go! Let’s fight! We must lose that cellulite!” If I lose my concentration and get the uncontrollable urge to retreat…I can always drop to the ground and make snow angels…at least I would be burning calories.