So, I’m sure you guys already know that I have issues with relationships and the fact that my husband didn’t want to be married to me and now I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy in a relationship again. I will be the first to admit this. However, last night, I had a dream that the ex came back and asked me to move back to TN. At first I was like, “of course I will. Let me rearrange my whole life and join you in another state!” But then, we were walking in the woods, and when I turned around he was gone, and my horse ran away (I don’t know, it was a dream). When I came out of the woods, my horse was waiting for me, but my ex was not. I called his parents’ house, and they told me he was there waiting for me. I drove to their house, and when I got there, this is what came out of my mouth:

“I don’t want to move to TN. I want to be with my family. I want to live above Neighbor Bob. And there is this guy who wants to drive from Kentucky to see me, and I want to be here when he gets here.”

It’s about damn time my dreams and I are on the same page.