I lost two pounds! YAY! I know, whatever, it’s two lousy pounds…but I feel like being happy about it, so I’m gonna.

The holidays sucked all the will power out of me and I gained like 8 of the 15 pounds I had lost, back. Soooooo…back on the South Beach I went. Except THIS time, I have pals doing it with me (I heart you Nathan and Chelsea), and I have mucho motivation (Kentucky).

I WILL be wearing a bikini this summer…and the strings will not cut into Chunk leaving indentations and potential scarring. Seriously. I will be confident in my body baring suit, and I won’t even wear a t-shirt and drawstring pants over it.

I want to be a line. Explanation: I don’t have hips. I think God forgot to give them to me. So when I gain weight, I gain it like a man…all in my stomach because my hips are so narrow, there is nowhere else for Chunk to live. If I LOSE Chunk, I will be a straight line. Yes, I will look like a boy because God forgot to give me boobies, but I’m ok with it. So I will look like this:

I can’t wait.

I am loving drawing pictures for you guys. “Hello, My name is Simon! I like to do drarwings…” I know you can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

P.S. I forgot to draw myself arms. In real life, I will have arms…just so you know. And my boobs won’t even be as big as in the picture. So what…I took some liberties. I’m an artiste, dammit!