Warning: This post is going to be me whining about my headache and my massive food cravings.

I want a loaf of bread. Not a piece, not a half of a bagel, not 12 grain or whole wheat…I want a loaf of white, italian, refined floury bread. I want to lather each piece with butter and Philadelphia cream cheese and peanut butter and jelly.

I also want every fu*&ing person talking right now to sew their mouths shut with a cross stitching needle and then I want to ask them questions, so that when they try to answer me, it is impossible…like the dentist always does when his steel tools are jammed into my molars.

I want it to be 4pm so I can go home and take down my Christmas tree…or at least sit in front of it and contemplate taking it down.

I want someone to take their letter opener and spear it through my eye socket, because that would feel like heaven compared to what it feels like to sit here squinting at this computer screen.

And…well…I want to see Kentucky, but it might be a good thing that he isn’t here today because I might frighten him away. I scare myself sometimes…you guys should so see my hair right now…it’s like this:
And, well, that’s all I got.