My cousin, Becky, and I threw a New Year’s Eve party this weekend…it was wild. I know I’ve said it before, but it begs to be said again…I have the best family EVER! There was music, dancing, food (OMG Chunk was orgasmic), and enough alcohol to sterilize the nation. My aunt owns the perfect “party house”, and she allowed us to have it there…she rocks like mad.

*Kentucky Update*

Kentucky came up for the weekend, and I saw him every. day. Guess how much I liked that? Yep. So much. I don’t even believe it. Friends, he is so smart it makes my brain hurt because when he’s talking I have to concentrate on what he’s saying instead of, “Man, how sexy is his brain! I think I want to make out with his frontal lobe!”

I so let him kiss me at midnight, and his PARENTS were there! Which leads me to…yup…I met his parents. They are the cutest couple EVER…next to my parents, of course. After they left, and most of the guests left, Kentucky went to find a bed. He ended up getting kicked out of beds because they were “reserved” for other guests. In the end, he snuggled up next to my cousin Jeanette! That bed was juuuuuusst riight for Goldilocks. I swear. He’s too cute. The next morning he cuddled under a blanket on the couch with my great aunt.

And THEN….

His parents invited me over for dinner…and I went! Whoa, this is so crazy actually reading it out loud. I haven’t had a first dinner with the parents since high school. So weird. Anyway, his mom showed me Kentucky’s baby album, and of course, he was a cute baby. How could he not be?

AND THEN!!!!!!

Yesterday he took me to lunch before he drove back to KY. After lunch we went to Borders and sat on one of their comfy couches and guess what we did? Oh yeah! You guessed it! We sat there and read books! Well, he read a magazine and I read a book and he would show me the bikes he liked and I would tell him the funny parts in my book, and I swear to the rain clouds in the sky I could have sat there All. Freaking. Day.

It was my favorite part of the weekend.

In other news, my dad is taking my mom to Chicago for the night as I type. They’re coming back tomorrow. How romantic is THAT? So…I have a date with my little brother tonight. *sigh* I told you guys I was gonna start dating again!