Don’t rent it. And if you saw it in the theater, I’m so sorry you wasted your money. This movie roused my interest because I have had my share of internet dates and blind dates and bad dates and scary dates, and I thought it would make me laugh so hard I would snort iced tea out of my nose. But unfortunately, it did no such thing. On a positive note, it is encouraging that my REAL life is funnier than a movie!

I love my dog.

So I talked on the phone last night with that boy I kissed. And I must say that every time I talk to him, I like him more. Here’s the thing. Well, here’s one of the things. He lives in Kentucky. This is actually ok, because we are forced to talk alot. So far, I’ve learned that Kentucky is incredibly intelligent, funny, charming and a good kisser. AND…he’s driving here tonight to spend the weekend for New Year’s (his family lives here, as do some friends). Because I’m in I-Need-To-Reevaluate-My-Relationship-Patterns mode, I’ve made it clear that I’m not making any promises and I have no expectations for any developments with us and I have no idea what I’m doing. But….

…I am so surprised by where and when God chooses to place people in the world. Kentucky has been in my world for a long time, and I never stopped to wonder why.

I still don’t know why…but I’ve been wondering lately.

AND…I’m going bowling tonight. I love to bowl. Not bowel…I love that too, but bowling is fun. Especially drunk bowling. Hmmm.

Anyway, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!