So you know how Rachael realizes that she has feelings for Ross, and she decides that she is going to go to the airport to meet him off the plane (he was in China) and profess her love? And then he steps off the plane with Julie?

Well, I professed something vague (I didn’t want to be completely vulnerable), and he stepped off the plane with a Julie. He’s not buying a cat with her yet, but he’s going to PA to spend Christmas with her and her family which, in my opinion, is just as bad as buying a cat together.

And I don’t know if he gets that I have these feelings, but if he knew, would it matter? Would he choose me? And do I want to even be that girl? No. I wouldn’t. So now it’s EXACTLY like Friends, and I have to sit back and watch him be with someone else for however long that lasts, which is probably forever because he’s going to PA FOR CHRISTMAS!!

He’s definitely my Ross, but maybe he’s not my lobster.

This sucks.