Good Morning Friends! (I know, I can’t believe I just said that.)

I just want to say THANK YOU to Anika and Janie because they are special little ladies. I am listening to “Mr. Grinch” as I type this and it makes me HAPPY! I just think of poor Max with those antlers on, and then Cindy Loo Who and I want to go hold hands around the Christmas tree and sing Da Who Doray La Who Loray…or however it goes…good times.

Next I would like to make a short statement to God: Why oh why oh WHY couldn’t I be famous in this month’s issue of Glamour? I think it is fabulous that Dooce was recognized for her wit and wonder, because well, she rocks. But couldn’t I have a minor recognition along with some of those other women who I’ve never heard of in my life? WOMEN WHO BLOG is the title of the article…..C’mon! I blog! Granted, I have no point most of the days, but dammit, I blog! And I’m a woman (last time I checked)! Whatever. I guess I will have to resign myself to the fact that it’s not my time to be famous. But seriously, you could have at least made Marianimal, Anika or Janie famous and I would have been ecstatic. Don’t you want me to be ecstatic? Huh? Don’t you?

We all know how Friends and Sex in the City bring Nikol clarity…I think it’s because she doesn’t live in reality and she thinks life is a sitcom or a movie or a book, and she talks about herself in the third person, and it’s driving me LOOPY!

Anyway….I had an apostrophe (you mean an epiphany, you idiot!…hehe, a little Hook humor for ya). It came to me while watching my Friends last night. They’re always there to lend a helping hand.

Dear Friend-who-doesn’t-read-this-blog,

Please start reading this blog so that you will know that I am dumb and I should have seized the day when I had the opportunity. I was watching Friends last night, and it was Season 2 or 3 or whatever season the whole Ross and Rachel thing starts, and I thought, “I am an idiot”. I mean, I am so Rachael, and I never even realized it. I mean, you could be my Ross and I’ve been oblivious for almost 10 years! Find me, please.