They were invading it this morning. I don’t know about you, but I like to have breathing room between me and the other person in the room. I don’t want to be so close to a person that I can smell their breakfast on their breath, or have my scent receptors singed off by the smell of their perfume/cologne. I’m also not a morning person. I repeat…I’m also not a morning person. Why is it imperative that strangers feel the urge to talk to me at 8am?

Time: 8am
Scene: Doctor office wiaitng room
Temperature: cold
Nikol’s Mood: crabby

I’m the first one in. I sit at a chair next to an end table on my left, 2 empty chairs on my right. The waiting room is EMPTY…there are EMPTY chairs everywhere, so I don’t feel guilty for putting my purse on the chair next to me (so no one will sit there, of course). A man walks in. Looks around. Sits in the chair on the other side of the table to my left. I decided that I was okay with this since the table seperated us, but seriously…was it necessary to sit right there when there were 5 million empty seats? Moving on…

A woman walks in….with a bag and a purse and a heavy coat and a scarf and gloves and God-only-knows-what-else. She looks around, walks over to my space, is facing me and is now about 12 inches from brushing up against my leg, looks down at the chair where my purse is resting comfortably, and STARES AT IT! What? You want to sit there? You want to sit in this chair right next to me so you can breathe your germy breath on my NECK? Is it really necessary for her to even be in this area of the room? I think not. But I digress. The woman proceeds to take off her coat and scarf, dddddrrrrraaaaappppee them over the back of one chair, sit down in a chair next to that one, and then put her bag and her purse on the chair next to THAT! She took up THREE FREAKING CHAIRS!!!! Whatever. I took up two. But still. She was in my space. Breathe on someone else, Sicky.

ThEh-en…there was a third intruder. An old fart (just kidding), an elderly male walked in, looks over the entire room (everyone seems to give it the once-over before intruding), and then walks over to guess where? MY SPACE! But this guy crossed the line…he spoke. He said, are you ready for it? He said…..”Good Morning.”

I was so startled that someone would actually speak this early in the morning, I had to look up from my WebMD magazine (selection was slim). I tried not to make eye contact with these people, but I couldn’t ignore this blatant puncture in my silence. I looked up and cursed him to hell with my death lazerbeams…but he sat down in the damn chair across from me anyway.

So now I’m here at work, almost $100 later after copays, prescription fees and pure HELL (I have bronchitis and a sinus infection)!

I hope you’re having a fantastical day.