How lovely are thy branches…

I did it. I found a Christmas tree at Target for $16.99, and I decided that I MUST put one up no matter how tiny my living room is. So…this is it! Yes, I have orange shag carpeting…

I also had to shovel my driveway, and I guess Target thought since it had an affordable tree, it didn’t have to have shovels in stock. I was forced to knock on Neighbor Bob’s door and ask to borrow his.

Dear Neighbor Bob,

I am terribly sorry for interrupting the Browns game. But they suck, so you really weren’t missing much in the time it took you to walk to the door, answer it, and then walk back. Maybe next weekend you should just skip the game and shovel the driveway for me. I’ll buy you a six pack.

Saturday night my brother and I went to a Brad Paisley concert. It was an AMAZING concert. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brad, he’s a genius on the guitar. He’s also a very talented songwriter and singer, AND he’s married to Kimberly Williams (Father of the Bride chick). I love how she was able to overlook how much his ears stick out and fall in love with him for his music making abilities, sense of humor and good heart instead.

I’m striving to become a woman like Kimmy. She’s on to something, I think. You know, someone who can appreciate a good man when she sees him. I’m done with falling for the guys who look like they walked out of the month of October in a calendar and then tell you how much they love you…almost as much as they love their other girlfriend. I’m doing a search for irregulars now. Not mental irregulars (that road has already been travelled), but guys who aren’t the general public’s idea of “perfect”. I want to weed through the quirky ones. So…all quirky men apply here. My only stipulation is that you must be taller than me (I’m 5’7″).

(I’d also prefer that you live on your own, be financially independent, be mentally stable, ambitious, honest, family oriented, and creative. I think that’s it…but I’ll let you know if there is more).

Ready? Set? GO!