This is my cousin, Nathan(right), and his friends Ricky (left). They really weren’t that drunk, but you would never know from this pic. This was Halloween…

This is a picture of Chunk. My friend found his portrait in a magazine, so now you can all put a face with the name!

Nathan’s beautiful girlfriend, Chelsea, and me. She was a pirate and I was a devil for Halloween(I had my jacket on so you can’t see my boobies falling out of my costume). We were cuddling on the floor, because sometimes that’s what people do at parties.

This was the blustery snowstorm during my stay at my professor’s house. I took this picture from INSIDE because I didn’t want to get blown away. But the little birds who frequent these birdhouses were in for a massive case of motion sickness.

Forgive the blur, but I just wanted to show the Internet how far we’ve come. We now have an inter-racial cookie couple on a US stamp! Isn’t this exciting? This inspires me to recreate these cookies when I make my cut-outs this year. I won’t even include genitalia (like last year).