Thank you God for…

my life, my humongous family, my friends, my apartment, my Neighbor Bob and his wife, my burping abilities, my musical abilities (this may or may not be related to the burping abilities), eggs, the game of solitaire, cheese, books, the smell of sharpened pencils, peanut butter, horses, creaky leather, ghosts, my cowboy boots, babies’ laughter, thunderstorms, my brothers, my mom, my mom, my mom, my dad, my dad, my dad, my cd player, the music that plays on my cd player, my job even though I complain because I really want to stay at home and breed, my dog even though he doesn’t want to live with me, my Chunk because sometimes he’s the only friend I’ve got, my brac, the keyboard that isn’t mine but I get to practice on it and it makes me happy, my creativity, my new pet Scribble that I adopted and can be found at, my memories, my nightmares, my dreams, my fears.

Thank you most for my heart, my love for others, for not abandoning me even though I turn my back on you daily, my stubbornness, my ability to be strong just when I think I’m going to collapse in a puddle of tears, Thank you for loving me enough to give me second chances. Thank you for loving us at all, and not giving up on us.