…you have to promise not to tell, because it’s more like an experiment than a secret, and so far…it is amazing how many people in my life DON’T pay any attention to me at all.

I found myself wondering the other day if people would notice, and verbalize that they noticed, if I wore the same clothes two days in a row. This all came about when I was lost in the memory of walking to school with my brother when we were little. We were over halfway there, and he stopped, dead on the crack of the sidewalk (I was sure I heard my mother screaming in pain).

“Josh, what’s the matter?”
“I have to go back.” He looked mortified.
“Why? We’re almost there. Did you forget your homework?”
“No, Nikol. Who cares about homework? I wore these clothes yesterday!”

Yes, it’s true. I really did this. I decided to wear the same clothes today that I wore yesterday, and monitor the reactions of my coworkers. So far…

…no one has noticed. And if they have noticed, they are too polite and embarrassed for me to say anything. This kind of entertainment is priceless, in my opinion.