Beginning Wednesday, I will be spending my Thanksgiving holiday here. One of my writing professors asked me to house sit for her and her husband, and as you can see…I would be crazy to turn them down. This is my dream house. The only thing missing is a horse.

They have ducks, roosters, chickens, a dog and a quail. The dog and the quail will be living with me in the house (as will the mice that live in the walls, she informed me yesterday). The ducks, roosters and chickens have their own little homes outside.

I spent the afternoon yesterday with my professor and her hubby as they showed me around and made a delicious lunch. I couldn’t help but envy them. They adore each other, and their life together is so sincere. They genuinely love living in their beautiful house, living a simple life. They don’t own a television, they grow much of their own food, they eat the eggs from the chickens…they spend their time reading to each other, grading papers and writing.

Spending 4 nights here will be a much needed vacation for me. I can’t wait to spend my evenings reading, writing and daydreaming. Of course, I asked her if the house was haunted, and she said no. So excluding the animals, I will be completely alone.

I can’t wait.