I can’t give up on people. To this day I pray for my ex-husband that he is happy with his life, and that he is living the way he was meant to live.

Everyone may think I’ve fallen off my rocker, but I am choosing to keep communication open with Cowboy. We are no longer dating, but I am choosing to be an ear if he needs someone to listen to his issues and things that he is dealing with in his life. I know I said a couple posts ago that I believe there is good in him, but I’m not going to stick around to look for it (I’m paraphrasing…too lazy to look for accuracy)…but I can’t just walk out on someone who needs a friend. Especially someone that I care about.

So…say what you will…I’ve been hearing the “once a cheater, always a cheater” “once a liar, always a liar” comments for 2 days now. But I really think that he has a good heart underneath this web of lies he’s woven, and he just got lost somewhere along the way. If I were lost, I would hope someone would look for me.

Having said that, he knows that we are not in a “relationship”, and that there are so many obstacles in the way of forming one again. I make no excuses for the things he has done. He was wrong, and he knows it. But I’m a huge believer in forgiveness. I will forgive you once, and give you a chance to prove yourself. If I have to forgive you twice…I will be doing it as I walk away.

I am a single girl, with no idea what God has in store for me. He teaches me to be compassionate and full of love. However, do not mistake me for a fool. As I said 2 days ago, the man who is meant to love me will have to walk through fire…

…we’ll see who can stand the heat.